DISCUSSION   |   📅  published on 2023-07-04   |   🕒2 min read   | Written by: Sara Hawat

How PokaMind is Harnessing the Power of AI and Digital Therapeutics to Build a Mental Health Mall

The rise of chronic diseases worldwide calls for innovation to empower both patients and healthcare providers and improve outcomes. 

In recent years, the prevalence of mental health issues and chronic diseases has been on the rise, affecting millions of people worldwide. These conditions are not only linked to social and economic factors such as poverty, but are also exacerbated by health and social inequities. Furthermore, mental health problems are highly co-morbid with non-communicable diseases, such as type 2 diabetes1. As a result, there is a pressing need to develop innovative and accessible solutions to help individuals manage their conditions and improve their overall well-being. 

Digital therapeutics, a rapidly growing field in healthcare, offers promising opportunities to revolutionize the management of chronic health conditions including mental health conditions. In this article, we explore the potential of AI and digital therapeutics, highlighting the various features and benefits that can empower patients, healthcare providers, and payers to achieve better health outcomes and how PokaMind is striving to do just that. 

The AI and Digital Therapeutics Revolution

According to a recent McKinsey article2, digital-native start-ups and healthcare incumbents can play crucial roles in building and scaling digital therapeutics to improve the management of chronic health conditions. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, these solutions can drive significant clinical outcomes and economic benefits for stakeholders and societies.

For instance, research has shown that digital disease management can drive a 45 percent reduction in the three-month rate of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACEs) and a 50 percent reduction in the 30-day readmission rates for patients after acute myocardial infarction (AMI)3. With such promising results, it's clear that digital therapeutics has the potential to transform healthcare as we know it.

How PokaMind Tackles Mental Health Challenges

PokaMind is at the forefront of this digital revolution, leveraging artificial intelligence and innovative technology to offer a comprehensive mental health solution that can help individuals better manage their mental health, ultimately leading to improved well-being and a higher quality of life. By providing a "mental health mall" through a web app, PokaMind aims to break down cost barriers and make mental health care more accessible for everyone. Integrated mental health ecosystems has shown to be 

Video Journaling and Assisted Analysis

PokaMind offers a video journaling web app called "PokaWindow" with assisted analysis to help users record their progress and identify trends over time. This reflective process enables users to gain a better understanding of their emotions and develop effective coping strategies. 

Personalized Advice and Recommendations

Based on the data recorded by the user, PokaWindow provides personalized advice and recommendations tailored to each individual's unique needs. This targeted approach helps users focus on the most relevant aspects of their mental health journey.

Building a Supportive Community

PokaMind recognizes the power of community in driving adherence and motivation. A recent study of over 7,000 patients with chronic conditions like mood disorders found that nearly 60% said the PatientsLikeMe network helped them better understand the potential side effects of their medications. Even more striking, almost 25% of patients with mood disorders reported needing fewer hospitalizations thanks to connecting with others on PatientsLikeMe.4 Thus PokaWindow includes a community section where users can start discussions, share their experiences, and find support from others facing similar challenges. By fostering a sense of belonging, PokaMind aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage open conversation.

Access to Professional Help

For users who require additional support, PokaWindow offers access to online clinical psychologists. Therapy sessions can be booked through the platform, ensuring that professional help is just a click away.

Data Sharing and Collaboration

PokaWindow enables users to share their data with their own psychologist or the platform's psychologists, if they choose to do so. This collaborative approach ensures seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers, allowing for more effective treatment plans and better overall care.


Digital therapeutics has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage mental health and chronic diseases. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, these solutions can offer personalized care, enhance patient engagement, and improve health outcomes. As we continue to innovate in this field, the future of healthcare looks promising, with the potential to empower patients, healthcare providers, and payers to achieve better health outcomes together.